Netflix Recommendations

For people who don’t know what Netflix is its a place where you can stream and watch movies and shows. It costs around $10-12 dollars a month for hundreds of movies and shows for you to watch anytime/anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. Now if you’re having trouble trying to find a good series let me tell you some of my favorites in hopes that they become yours as well. If you’re new to Netflix you probably should watch some of their Best series.

Must Watch Netflix Series

Breaking Bad:

Which is a story about a high-school chemistry teacher who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. And his main goal and what he wants to do before he dies is leave something behind for family. So he decides to cook and deal meth with his partner/ former student Jesse. This show has tons of drama, action, comedy and adventure which makes it an overall good show.

Marvel Series:

You can never go wrong with Marvel and there is plenty of Marvel movies and shows. But some of the best would have to be Jessica Jones that is about a former superhero who owns her own detective agency. The Iron Fist who is about a man that studied martial arts with monks who returned home after everyone thought he was dead. Daredevil that is about a blind man who is a lawyer that fights crime in the middle of the night. And Luke Cage that is about a man with superhero strength that fights crime and corruption in his city and together they make The Marvel’s Defenders which is another show where they all group up to fight evil villains.

Stranger Things:

Stranger things is a sci-fi/horror show about a group of kids that live in the 80’s in Indiana who are trying to find their friend who has gone missing. The kids and their parents go through some pretty weird stuff and adventures. The show has 2 seasons so far with a 3rd on its way and its really good to binge watch.


Is a science fiction show that’s about people coming back from the future to help mankind and their future by changing events in time. And the way the Travelers are getting sent back is from this ai called The Director. Its a time traveling show that is filled with action, adventure and some twists and I highly recommend it if you like that sort of stuff.