The Dell XPS Tower Review

The Dell XPS Tower is a powerful computer that can edit and game very well. It comes in all black and has such a sleek design. It has an Intel i5 core processor with an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card. The cost is a little high they go for around $800-$1250 which is a fair price considering what it can do. Dell acquired Alienware which was one of the best gaming companies around so you know that you will be able to play the latest and greatest games in high resolution with no problem. You can also do a customization order if you’d like.

Or you can get the basic model and upgrade it yourself because it is so easy to do so. You can raise the processor from an i5 to and i7 intel core processor or maybe an AMD if that’s more your liking. You can also raise the RAM to around 16GB and maybe a little higher than that and raise the graphics card if you’ll like. The Dell XPS Tower also has plenty of usb ports, a headphone jack, an ethernet slot and even an hdmi slot. And as far as performance goes this computer can handle tons on tabs/applications running at the same time due to its ram and processing power.

And if we are talking about gaming it runs the latest games pretty well and very smooth like Overwatch and Fortnite. The only problem is that you might need to get a better keyboard and mouse if you want to do some serious gaming. But personally I love a computer that can do what I want it to do flawlessly. I can do some design work while listening to music or do some high quality gaming whenever I want. So if you’re in the market of getting a PC that can edit photos/videos, browse the internet, and game in max settings then this might be the computer for you.