Have you heard of Twitch?

Twitch is a popular online streaming and watching service. Twitch is a place where you can watch thousands of different of streamers either play video games, stream their life, watch people make art and more. Twitch hosts tons of Esports tournaments and even tv show marathons sometimes. There is a chat in every twitch stream where you can interactive with the streamer. Twitch is a great place for people who love video games, music and art. You can watch Twitch on their website, their app, on mobile devices and on your gaming consoles.

“Twitch is a great place for people who love Video games, Music and Art”

It might be a little overwhelming since there is a lot of streamers out there but you should really just start off by going to the browse section and just choosing some of your favorite games to play. Most of the Twitch chats in streams are very friendly and helpful to new people of Twitch. And once you find your favorite streamers you can support them if you like by watching, telling your friends to watch, chatting, subscribing, and cheering with Bits to help your streamer. Bits are a virtual good you can buy on Twitch through Amazon that you can give to your favorite streamer as a donation to show your support.

You can also stream on Twitch if you’d like you just need the proper equipment which is either a gaming console or a good Pc. Twitch really is a great place filled with wonderful and talented people. There are tons of cool communities you can join that share the same interests as you. I watch Twitch almost every day and have been for years I have met and played with so many cool people and I would highly recommend anyone to watch Twitch its the best.