Should you play Overwatch?

For people who don’t know what Overwatch is its a team based first person shooter game created by Blizzard. Its not really your normal type of shooter every character has its very own abilities and ultimates that you use to help your team win. You start off the game by joining a team of six with each player selecting a hero and a role. There is an Offensive, defensive, tank and support roles which players choose to work together to capture or defend depending what side you’re on and the one who does it the best wins. Or you might get to escort a payload and whoever makes it farther wins the game.

Overwatch has tons of game modes like quick play usually for casual players, arcade mode where people can create their own custom games and competitive mode where you receive a rank and play with people around your skill level. The game has won many awards as The Best Game of the Year Award, The Game Award for Best Esports Game and many more. I feel the reason why this game is doing so well mainly because of the great community that it has its a game that really promotes working together and being positive even though you can get some toxic people from time to time. Blizzard really does do a great job of keeping the game fresh by doing limited time events and new competitive seasons.

You can earn tons of gear for your favorite Heroes like emotes, victory poses, sprays and player skins. You can also earn a special gold gun for heroes by winning games in Comp season. You earn a rank in Comp season by playing 10 matches which put you in a specific rank like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. They also have started an Overwatch League where pro Overwatch players compete and the games are streamed on Twitch almost every week.   If you’re the type of person that loves competitive team based games then you will definitely want to try Overwatch they also do free to play weekends sometimes where you can try the game out for free. I feel like Blizzard really found a way to please the casual and competitive side of a gamer by having so much variety. So remember to look out for those free plays days and give it a try its available for console Xbox, Playstation and PC.

Why is Fortnite so Popular?

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a free to play online battle royale multiplayer game along with a single player mode created by Epic Games. In the single player mode you can do missions, build forts, and fight off zombies with friends. And in the Battle Royale mode its you and 100 people enter a map through a flying bus, collect loot and kill your opponents until the last one is standing. Fortnite is a game that is playable on PC, Xbox, Playstation and mobile devices.  Its a fast paced online multiplayer with building skills and destructible environments with intense combat.

Its a great game to play solo or with friends and family.  You generally land on the map, collect materials, weapons and use your building skills to outplay your opponent till the end. There are also chests that you open that can maybe have great gear in them. And as the match progresses there is something called the storm that you do not want to be in because it will damage you as long as you’re inside. It is a competitive game but Epic Games also found a way to make the game more fun for casual players by releasing events and limited game modes. They also sell their own currency called V-Bucks that you can use to buy cool cosmetics in their Item shop they have outfits, gliders and emotes.

Fortnite is also cross-platform that means you can have PC people play with console players. What makes Fortnite more appealing than any other BR games is that the game is so colorful, has nice graphics, cool skins, is a fast paces shooting game, you can build bases and you’re able to play with almost anyone you want. They also have tons of rewards for playing their game with something called the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is 100 tiers the more you play the more cool things you unlock like outfits, gliders, emotes and player icons. And on top of that they give you weekly challenges to complete and get even more stuff. Overall this is a really fun game to try out and it won’t even cost you a dime.